Welcome to the new generation of workplace, for the next generation of workforce

Enhanced Sanitation Protocols

Revamped to include frequent cleaning of high traffic areas, hard surfaces and touch points.

Refreshing Outdoor Spaces

Fresh air and sunshine add to the quality of life by way of our exclusive Sky Park and Sky Lobby. Just beyond our front door is the five-acre Klyde Warren Park.

Smartphone-Controlled Passenger Elevators

Requesting an elevator and choosing a floor is as simple as using an app on your phone.

Touchless Motion-Activated Doors

Convenient hands-free open and close doors are incorporated at key areas: main building entries, garage entries, restrooms, as well as access to the first floor garden park and roof top terrace.

Cleaner Air

Every floor benefits from the most modern HVAC systems available, featuring MERV 13 filters.

UV-C Air Systems

Short-wave ultraviolet light inactivates up to 99% of airborne pollutants on each floor.